Multichain launchpad and Decentralized Incubator Protocol. Decentralizing seed funding and giving everyone early access to innovative projects.

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Why 0xPad



0xPad operates as a decentralized launchpad and incubator protocol, as such, angel investing/seed funding is distributed/decentralized as it should be. This gives everyone the opportunity to partake.

Early Access

Early Access to All

0xPad gives everyone the chance to invest in great ideas and projects at a very early stage. Users can participate in the early stage of seed funding and also in private/public sales.

Proper Vetting

Proper Vetting

0xPad maintains a well-rounded vetting process during the project selection stage. Detailed evaluation of the project’s use-case, roadmap, tokenomics and vesting timeline is carried out.

Secured Platform

Secured Platform

At 0xPad, security is of utmost importance, several security tools/measures such as multi-sig vaults for funds and robust transaction validation mechanisms are implemented.


Benefit from great opportunities


0xLaunchPad allow members of 0xPad to participate in different levels and tiers of partner projects’ token sale. 0xLaunchPad uses a hybrid tier-weight token sale mechanism to ensure fairness.


0xIncubator allow members who contribute funds into the incubator pool to participate in the seed funding stage of incubated projects. This allows little investors to finally become part of angel investing.


0xVault is 0xPad’s staking and Incubator vaults. It provides holders of 0xPad’s native token with different staking pools, membership levels and staking rewards. It also gives them access to the incubator pool.


0xMine is 0xPad’s liquidity mining feature. People who participate in liquidity mining earn high mining rewards. They are ranked highest membership level and have access to IDOs and the Incubator pool.

How it works

IDO Guest Access

  • Wallet balance requirement
  • Balance maintained during sale.
  • Whitelisting 48 hrs before sale.
  • Social media activities


IDO Member Access



Days Lockup



Days Lockup



Days Lockup



Days Lockup



Mining Pools

  • Incubator Pool Accsess
  • Governance Rights

Increasing IDO/Incubator Allocation, Staking Rewards and Governance Rights

Roadmap | 2021-2022

Q3 2021

  • Market research.
  • Project formation.
  • Products and features design and development.
  • Key mechanism development.
  • MVP testing and evaluation.
  • Seed funding raised.

Q4 2021

  • Website Deployed.
  • IDO and Incubation application open.
  • 0xVault and 0xMine deployed on BSC.
  • IDO tier - weight mechanism designed and developed.
  • Token public IDO.

Q1 2022

  • First BSC IDO in Jan 2022.
  • First project to be incubated to be selected in Jan 2022.
  • Team expansion.
  • Incubator protocol deployed on BSC mainnet.
  • Marketing and partnership.
  • Target of 2-3 IDOs every month reached.
  • Target of 1 project incubated every 3 months.
  • Deployment of governance voting mechanism

Q2 - Q4 2022

  • Expansion to more Blockchains.
  • Solana.
  • Ethereum.
  • Polygon.
  • MVP testing and evaluation.
  • Cardano.

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